How to Make an Online Payment for a Traffic Ticket

by Danny

2023-02-10 20:29:41

How to pay a Traffic Ticket online using


1. On our homepage, click on the "Pay Ticket" option and then select "Traffic Ticket" on the next page.

2. Our payment form requires some information from the traffic ticket. You'll need the ICON code, Ticket Number, Offence Date, and the first three letters of the defendant's last name or the first three letter if it's a business. This information can be found on the ticket. An example is available by clicking the green "?" on the form

3. Enter your ticket information and click the "Search" button. We'll try to locate the current ticket amount. Note that it may take 7-10 days for the court to receive the ticket and upload it into the database. If it's not found, you can still pay the ticket manually through our system and we'll pay it for you once it's uploaded.

Ticket Fine Amount Found

1. Once your ticket is located, the fine amount and convenience fee will appear. Verify that the information is correct. Review and accept the terms and conditions located below the     ticket information box.

2. Enter your credit card or Visa Debit information into the secure payment form. The amount to be charged will be displayed on the screen. Click the "Pay" button to complete the

Ticket Fine Amount Not Found


A pop-up will appear indicating that your ticket fine amount was not found. Select the "Manually Pay" button to access the manual payment form.

Manual Payment Form


Fill out the ICON Code, Ticket Number, Offence Date, total payable fine amount, and upload a photo of the ticket for verification. Click the "Next" button to move to the payment form and submit your payment.

Confirmation of Payment Request


After submitting your payment, a confirmation screen will appear. You'll receive two emails, one from us confirming submission and the second from our secure payment processor with a payment receipt.

Our office will review and process your fine payment on your behalf.