01. Ticket Fine Not Found

Tickets issued can take 7-15 days to upload to the database. In order to pay a new ticket use our manual forms.

02. Select Ticket Type

Select the type of ticket to pay. A picture of the Ticket or Notice of Fine is needed to validate the ticket and fine amount.


Enter your ticket number, offence date along with the fine amount and photo of the ticket. Examples are found by clicking “ ? “

04. Submit Payment

Enter your Credit Card details on our secure form to submit your payment request. Email receipt will be sent after submission.

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Pay Tickets

by Danny

2023-02-11 21:53:45

Careless Driving Offences in Ontario: What You Need to Know

Ontario's Careless Driving Charges, Points, Fines, and Impact on Insurance. Helpful information abou...

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Pay Tickets

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2023-02-10 20:29:41

How to Make an Online Payment for a Traffic Ticket

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Toronto Parking Tickets
Toronto Parking Tickets

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2022-05-27 10:52:55

Toronto Parking Tickets | How To Pay Fines Online

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licence Suspension
Suspended Licence

by Danny

2022-05-22 17:47:42

Drivers Licence Suspension For Unpaid Fines

If a traffic ticket fine is past the due date and not paid in full, the MTO will then suspend your d...

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For Better Assistance, Please Include Traffic Ticket Number, Icon Code And Last Name. For Parking Tickets, Include Ticket And Plate Number.

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