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File Tickets provides a Fast, Free and Secure service filing your Traffic Tickets in Ontario. File Tickets online service streamlines the ability to file Traffic Tickets for trial in less than a minute. So don’t wait in line, File Online. Lets get started…

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4 Easy Steps

Submit your ticket Information

Submit your ticket information along with your contact details through our online process will request a trial date

We will request a trial on your behalf.

Once the ticket is served, we will email you proof of service for your records

Receive your trial date from the court

The court will send you a Notice of Trial in the mail to the address you provided.

Receive a Free Legal Guide or Consultation

Guide For Defendants Is Available Online Here

A Legal Representative can provide you with a Free Consultation so you understand the Court Procedure.

About Us

FileTickets.Ca is a Process Server Company that provides a Fast, Free and Secure service filing your Traffic Tickets for any Court in the Province of Ontario. Our service streamlines the Access to Justice for the general public to file their Traffic Tickets online through a user-friendly website.

This service automates the process of requesting a Trial date. provides a simplified approach providing Access to Justice without requiring in-person attendance at Court for simple filing procedures. Our online platform reduces the number of individuals attending each Courthouse, which in turn helps prevent the spread of COVID-19.

FileTickets.Ca was designed to give individuals with Traffic Tickets in Ontario Access to Justice while saving them time and money!

If a Traffic Ticket isn’t filed on time it will result in a conviction to your driving record, possibly add demerit points, negatively affect your insurance rates or even a DRIVING SUSPENSION!

If you’re faced with the daunting task of filing your ticket, DON’T WAIT IN LINE, FILE ONLINE!


Markus From Brampton, ON
Katrina From Woodbridge, ON
Andrew From Richmond Hill, ON
Krystal From Mississauga , ON
Victoria From Hamilton , ON
Maria From Richmond Hill , ON
Lisa From Toronto, ON
Alex From Sudbury, ON
Austin From Woodbridge, ON
Ayaz From Toronto, ON
Lin From Markham, ON
Chris From Niagara Falls, ON
Markus From Brampton, ON

So easy to use, 10/10.

Katrina From Richmond Hill, ON

Saved me from missing work

Andrew From Woodbridge, ON

I got immediate confirmation. Great service!

Krystal From Mississauga, ON

Thanks to this service, I still have my license

Victoria From Hamilton, ON

I don’t own a car and the one time I use one, I got a ticket. I had no way of getting to the court office with inconveniencing someone or paying to get there. Very beneficial service

Maria From Richmond Hill, ON

The free consultation is the best part. I didn’t know what to do. They handled everything with me

Lisa From Toronto , ON

Best thing I have ever used. I hate waiting in Toronto court offices. The line ups are crazy some days.

Alex From Sudbury , ON

I hope to never get another ticket but if I did I will definitely use this service again.

Austin From Woodbridge , ON

I had 4 tickets, and they filed every single one for me for FREE!! Thank you!!

Ayaz From Toronto , ON

I got a ticket in Ottawa while away on business. They really do serve a lot of areas

Lin From Markham , ON

I am happy someone created this website. Amazing service.

Chris From Niagara Falls , ON

I will spread this stie to my friends and family.


What is is a process server company that will file your Provincial Offences Act violations (e.g. traffic tickets, speeding tickets, etc) in the Province of Ontario. was developed to assist individuals charged with filing their traffic tickets online without having to attend the court.

Is there any cost for filing?

No! This is a FREE service.

How does this service work?

You submit your ticket and contact information. Once received, we will request a trial date on your behalf with the court. We will then email you confirmation documents for your records. The court will send you a trial date in the mail. will find a local legal services provider to give you a Free consultation so you know your rights.

Which Court locations do you serve?

We serve all Provincial Offences Courts located In Ontario. is currently expanding to cover other locations in the coming months.

What is the maximum number of tickets that I can File?

You can file up to 5 traffic tickets at once. Please note: if you have multiple tickets that are from different Dates/times you must file tickets separately.

Can I still file the ticket if I am over the 15 day period?

Yes. We will accept the ticket within 30 days from the offence date on the front of your ticket.

Will you provide the court date?

No. This service will NOT provide you with a court date. The court will send you a notice of trial to the address you provide us online. Generally, the court will send out a notice within 6-8 weeks.

How do I know my notice has been received?

An immediate confirmation will be sent to the email your provided us to confirm your documents have been received. In the event you did not receive a confirmation email, please contact us at .

I have not received my court date, what should I do?

If you have received confirmation from us that your ticket was filed and you still have not received a notice of trial in the mail, please contact the court office directly. The contact information is on the back of your ticket. You can also visit the Government of Ontario website to look up the status of your traffic ticket. ( ).

Who will FileTickets.Ca not provide their services to? will NOT file tickets on behalf of a third party, company or corporation including those who have been paid or retained to provide legal services. This service is for the INDIVIDUALS that were charged on the ticket.

Is there any cost for the consultation with the Legal Service company once my ticket is filed?

No. There is no consultation fee. However, if you decide to retain the company, then a fee will be required for them to represent you in court.

Am I required to hire the legal representative from my consultation for my court date?

No, there is no obligation to hire to legal representative from your consultation. We do recommend you retain legal representation as it would be beneficial for your matter. Consultations are free and have no obligation..

I lost my ticket; how can I File for a trial date?

In such an event, please contact the municipality or court jurisdiction that issued the ticket. To find the municipality or court jurisdiction contact information, please look up the Provincial offences court of where you received the ticket. They can search by your drivers license.